Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"I Hate This Cover" of the Month- Gilt by Katherine Longshore


Yes, it's an up the nostril cover shot. Probably the third creepiest up the anatomy shot you could possibly do- although mouth and nose are close and placing either one at third creepiest is justifiable. I could go on and on about this cover. Was this shade of lips even possible in Henry the VIII's time? The fact that it looks like she's having a personal moment- of some kind- on a YA cover. But, I keep going back to the fact that I can almost see her brain (through her nostrils) in this picture.

As if this isn't bad enough, you should see this cover in real life. On the real, actual, dead tree, print book version of this book. First, this is a photo crying out for Photoshop. You know how when you put on face powder with a brush? Well, if you brush against the hairs you can see every little hair standing out with the powder clinging to it. Well, in the book's photo, they must have had a bad powdering incident because you can see all the little hairs around her nostrils. It's like a 300x zoom of a bug's leg or something. Truly gross. But, that's not the worst and final gross out about this cover. When they were applying the powder, or something, they got some on one of her nose hairs- in her nostril. So, in her left nostril (looking at the cover) there's an internal nose hair going from the upper right side of the nostril zooming towards the left side of her nostril. Yes, on the internet, the nostril looks black. With the book in my hands, you can see a nose hair. Edit: after I looking again at the cover to confirm this, I found even more powdered up facial hair. On the bottom of her bottom lip there are enough little hairs to make a catfish proud. (You can see it between the lip and the "G" and the lip between the "L" and "T".)


  1. Definitely don't like the Colorado and your so right...the close up of the nose is sooo weird...

  2. Haha, okay at first glance, I thought it was an okay cover, but if I had to look at it for a while, I'd be like... no. The nostril thing is awful! Great post, love the idea of this!

    Steph @ Stepping Out of the Page

  3. Haha. You're right, the cover is really awful!! (By the way, I read your "About Me" and oh my I can't believe how many books you read!!)


  4. It looks like the woman is REALLY into smelling something... like some brownies! =D

  5. hahaha I completely agree with you, it is quite the ugly cover. I feel like I would've had a problem reading this one too if I hadn't snagged my copy off of Netgalley. :D


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