Thursday, May 24, 2012

Review: Starters by Lissa Price

Released: March 13, 2012

This is a dystopian novel set in a world after a war results in the United States getting attacked by biological agents that kill everyone but the young (Starters) and old (Enders). Obviously, the Enders have all of the wealth and power. So, the Starters without parents or guardians are left to scavenge at the margins of society. Callie decides to undergo a process that will rent her body to an Ender so the Ender can relive their youth. She does this in the hopes of getting money to take care of her sick younger brother.

There has been a veritable plague of dystopian novels. At least this one has an interesting twist- which is good because I think I'll remember it. For a debut novel, the writing was pretty good- the novel was well paced. It didn't lag in the middle or falter at the end- common problems in a debut novel. As far as the characters- I think they're fairly typical. Didn't really stand out to me, the way the character in The Hunger Games trilogy did. The negative- why does there always have to be a romance/love triangle type subplot?

Edit: I don't know how old Lissa Price is, but this book made me think of the 1992 movie, Freejack. With Emilio Estevez- brother of Charlie Sheen. (Don't judge that I actually saw this movie- I grew up in the 80's, so Emilio Estevez = The Breakfast Club and Repo Man. Both of which are good enough to watch multiple times)

Trailer for Freejack:

Rating: 3 stars


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