Sunday, July 1, 2012

July Page Count Challenge

Page Count Contest

The Reading Angel hosts a monthly reading challenge that sounds like the perfect thing to motivate me to get through some of my books. The challenge is to see who can read the most pages in a month. Click here for the complete rules and Linky sign-up: Reading Angel's Page Count Challenge

Sounds like a lot of fun. Plus, for extra motivation, there are prizes involved. A few for winners, but some are random drawings as long as you make it to the Top 20 list of readers.

I read so many books at once, so I have to go through and make note of where I am as of today. But for now, this is a book I started reading today:

I just got this book from NetGalley. I'm so amazed that I'm actually getting books from NetGalley.

Off the top of your head, does anyone know how many pages they read a month? I'm curious to see how much my reading has dropped off since I started blogging.


  1. I have also noticed since I have started blogging I still read but sometimes I feel like I am doing a lot on the blog and not reading enough. I think I just rambled some... but I swear there is a point.

    I love the library scene on here. It is gorgeous! I am new follower from Goodreads. I would love for you to check out mine if you have time:
    and I also have a kids' blog with my sons


    1. If I count my read but unreviewed books, I'm 12 books behind on my 2012 Goodreads Challenge. This happened since I started blogging- before I was pretty much on track. I wonder how other people do it.

      I'm following both of your blogs. I love it that you have a blog with your sons. I wish my sons loved to read. It broke my heart when my oldest said "The Yearling" was crap.


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