Sunday, June 10, 2012

Father's Day Book Challenge

Like many wives, I think my husband doesn't read enough and doesn't read enough of the "right" things. Now, I like non-fiction, but this is pretty much all my husband chooses to read if left to his own devices. Which is just not acceptable to me, so I'm always on the lookout for fiction novels that he'll read. I found a Goodreads Listopia called, Real Man Books. He's read and liked a few of the books on the list, so I found 4 fiction books I think he might like.

Non-fiction books he might like (These aren't necessarily from the list)

I've heard of this book, often in conjunction with the phrase describing "chick lit for men"- D***(rhymes with chick) lit.

The next two books are military non-fiction books that I'm almost positive he will like:

Because he's seen the movie and said it was one of the best war type movies ever.

Husband was in the Navy and usually enjoys a true-life tale from the Navy. Wow, I just noticed that every book but this one has a movie version.

The Father's Day Challenge:
Read all 7 books by the time my husband wakes up on Father's Day (June 17th). Buy any books I think he'll like for his Father's Day present. (All are available in ebook form)


  1. Aww, that's so sweet that you're reading them in advance to vet them and make sure he'll like them. I try to do this for my boyfriend because he always asks me for recommendations and I don't like to suggest anything I don't know for sure is a good read. Your husband is lucky to have you! :)

  2. My husband doesn't read a lot, plus he's going to school But the other day, he told me that he finally understands why I like reading for fun. That school really opened his eyes to that because he has to read every day. So this is my way of jumping on that opening he gave me to turn him into a reader. I don't want him to read a bunch of duds right now.

  3. I really enjoyed Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter!I hope you do as well.


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