Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Feature: PDQ Reviews on Twitter

I participated in Armchair BEA this year. I was asked if I wanted to link to my Twitter account. I decided to set one up even though Twitter is mocked heavily in our family. I think my husband refers to Twitter as the ability to let your friends know when you're going to the potty. (Except not those exact words) But, when I looked at the participant list over at Armchair BEA, I noticed that almost everyone had a Twitter account. Which of course, let me to believe I really need to have one too. Except, I couldn't figure out why or what I would even do with it. Do people check their Twitter accounts? Have their feeds set up to go to their phones or something? These are all the things I wondered and still do.

In any case, I was trying to figure out how to use my Twitter account. So, I thought, how about book reviews that fit in the 140 character limitations. Yes, a whole unique Twitter review, not just a link to the longer review on the blog.

So, I'm announcing PDQ Reviews for Twitter. Each PDQ Review will have at least the title of book and a review. It will usually have a link to the longer review on my blog unless I'm really short on space. Where possible I'll try and put the author, but I will definitely put in the author if I'm aware of multiple books with that title.

(My son helped me with the graphic at the top. It took me days to try to figure out how to even use the basics of a graphic program and I think I started irritating him with all of the questions I was asking. I think it only took a few minutes with his help. I'm officially old. Wow, he was disgusted at me.)


  1. This is a really cool idea! I just recently got on Twitter for my book blog even though I've been using it for other things for a while. It seems to be the most popular social media site among book bloggers. I usually try to post a bit about a book I review when I link back to it instead of just a title, author, link. So this is a great way of compelling someone to want to click through to the full review. Plus it'll make your writing more concise to fit all the characters in. Try to shorten your URLs so they fit.

  2. Thanks. Is this the kind of thing I could turn into a meme? Like have Haiku Wednesdays and PDQ Mondays? That way it could be a means to have peoples blogs AND Twitter accounts featured. (And hopefully added by a bunch of people.)


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