Friday, June 15, 2012

Twitter & Facebook Hop on Parajunkee’s View

If you want more followers and/or likes(?) on your Facebook page. This is the blog hop for you.

Welcome to the Twitter & Facebook Hop on Parajunkee’s View.

Today we are linking up our Facebook Fan Pages & our Twitter accounts so we can earn more followers and likes. Social networks are an integral way to get more exposure for your blog, so click away!

Rules To Participate

    • As a courtesy please follow & like your host — me Parajunkee!
    • When you follow or like someone @ them and let them know so they can follow back
    • Be nice about it! Don’t just send the same message over and over again!
    • Leave a comment and tell me if this meme is a keeper.
    • As a courtesy if someone follows you be sure to follow back.
    • You can use the icon above for your Facebook fan page. This is a place people can commend and Like so you know to follow back.
Rules and participants list here: Parajunkee's Social Hop
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