Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Twitter Topic: Partially Through Haiku

I thought of another thing to do with Twitter. A status update on a book in haiku form. We've all probably written a haiku in school, it's a short poem of three lines. But here's a reminder of what it is, I had to look it up. Each line must contain a certain amount of syllables. The first line has 5 syllables, the second has 7, and the third has 5. Here's a haiku I wrote about haikus:

The first line has five,
Line two, two more with seven,
Ends with five again.

Because a haiku has only 17 syllables, it's really an ideal vehicle for a tweet. I should be able to list the title of the book, (hopefully) the author, how far I've read in the book (as a percentage), and my haiku. The haiku itself will be my thoughts, feelings, summary, etc. of a book I'm currently reading. Tweets are limited to 140 characters so I'll tag these as P/T Haiku to save on space.  Wow, I may actually get to like Twitter.


  1. Oh I like this one too! I'm going to try to remember it for the next review I tweet about!

  2. Very interesting blog. Great idea considering the character count on twitter. I am a new follower. Please stop by and follow me back at


  3. Hi,

    I just love this idea. You should definitely make a hashtag of it on Twitter. I think it would catch on.


    1. What's a hashtag? It's those things that start with #, right? Is that what they're for? For a topic within a blog? Or a way to subscribe easier? I haven't even done my first Twitter post, so it's very new to me.

  4. Cool blog! your newest follower!


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