Friday, June 8, 2012

Meh Books, Part One

I've had a draft of this review for about a week. I couldn't really figure out anything to say- definitely a sign of a "meh" book. Great books and horrible books seem to have reviews that almost write themselves. "Meh" books? You're just not excited enough about them to generate a couple of hundred works. Short review: great premise- Los Angeles after the "Big One". Execution of premise: not good.

One of those just barely good enough to finish books. Set at a performing arts school and begins with a group of students auditioning. The beginning couple of chapters are told from different students' POV's...then once those students have their one chapter apiece it picks up in their senior year. Yes, it skips over 3 years. It's choppy, characters change personality from chapter to chapter during those 3 years without any cause that's in the book. Still interested? Make it a library only book.

One of those books you actually wish was just a little worse because that tiny, extra bit of awful would be enough to tip the scales to unreadable. Then you could just return the book to the library and read a different book.

The book's premise is interesting, but so badly executed it's just not worth reading. It could have been a good book- a meaningful book even. For example, it could have dealt seriously with the link between self-esteem and promiscuity, instead it comes of as tawdry and exploitative.


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